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DeeWhy, NSW

Curve Stairlift with Special Parking Bend

In this example, space for the stairlift was at a premium, especially downstairs in the lounge room.

The Platinum Curve Stairlift made the best use of the tight winding turn on the stairs by fitting to the inside of the turn. The wider part of the ‘fan’ steps was then left for anyone walking up and down.

The tight space at the bottom meant that using a ‘special’ bend was the way to go. The stairlift turned around the bottom post by around 135° facing into the room for ease of access, but tucked neatly out of the way when folded and not in use.

The powered swivel seat on the stair lift took the work out of turning the seat at the top of the stairs. The user could not reach down easily, so a powered footrest made folding the stairlift away when not in use safe and easy to do.



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    "... I love my Horizon stairlift. I would recommend it to anyone ..."
    - Mrs N Connelly, Sydney
    "... I don't know why I waited so long. What a relief! My stairs are easy now with my Ideal Stairlift ...."
    - Mr P Edges, Lambton
    " Curve stairlift is wonderfully smooth and leaves plenty of space on the stairs for others"
    - Mr T Andrews, Putney