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Ultimate Curved Stairlift

The Ultimate curved stairlift solution from Ideal Stairlifts.

The Ultimate curved stairlift runs on a single tube rail only 8cm in diameter ensuring it is neat and unobtrusive. The sleek and stylish curved stairlift rail fits close to the wall and hugs the corners. This means that it can take up less space on the stairs as well as looking great. The optional first-step Smart Start rail is unique to the Ultimate curved stairlift and eliminates any intrusion into the lower landing.  Innovative design ensures we can fit the Ultimate to most stairs no matter how steep or narrow.

The Ultimate Curved Stairlift makes use of the latest design and technology combined with the exceptional reliability for which Platinum Stairlifts are well known to provide what really is the ultimate stairlift solution in the widest range of settings.

The Ultimate seat is comfortable and can be adjusted to suit a wide range of users. With our heavy duty option the Ultimate stairlift is suitable for users up to 160kg. The powered swivel seat option turns at the top and at the bottom of the stairs for safe and easy access to the chair. It can also be turned during travel giving additional knee clearance. This means that we can fit into even the tightest of stairs where many others can’t. Contact us for more information and a free quote.

Mrs N Connelly, Sydney

… I love my Horizon stairlift. I would recommend it to anyone …

Mr P Edges, Lambton

… I don’t know why I waited so long. What a relief! My stairs are easy now with my Ideal Stairlift ….

Mr T Andrews, Putney

…my Curve stairlift is wonderfully smooth and leaves plenty of space on the stairs for others

Platinum Ultimate Stairlift Features

Standard Vertical Start

The rail starts vertically only 160mm from the first step meaning it is neat and unobtrusive

Optional 1st Step ‘Smart Start’

Unique to the Ultimate, the rail can start on the 1st step and still lower the user safely to the ground. This means there is no rail at all intruding into the lower floor. Perfect for an open hall or foyer, or when there’s a door at the bottom of the stairs.

Single Tube Rail

Neat, modern and stylish. The tubular stairlift rail fits close to the stairs ensuring your stairlift is both functional and stylish.

Heavy Duty

The standard 120kg capacity is enough for most, but the Ultimate can be supplied with a 160kg rating where the need arises.

Two Way Power Swivel

Allows the stairlift chair to turn at the top of the stairs and at the bottom for easy access even in tight spaces. The powered swivel seat can also turn during travel allowing the Ultimate to accommodate even the narrowest staircases.

Adjustable Seat

The Ultimate Stairlift seat can be adjusted for best fit and comfort as well as to give extra clearance for taller users. The footrest adjusts up and down for an additional feeling of stability while travelling.

Tight Bend Radius

The 210mm internal bend radius ensures that we can keep the rail as close to the wall or railings as possible and maximises clear space on the stairs for others.

Ultimate Control

The battery powered arm controls can easily be moved from one side to the other. Reliability is improved by eliminating control wires in the arms and seat that can be broken in use. Remote controls are also supplied for each level.


In homes with 3 or more levels the Ultimate is the perfect lift solution. Stops can be set at each landing and, of course, additional remote controls are supplied. With travel up to 28m the Ultimate can is the perfect fit for even the largest homes.

Choice of Colours

5 chair upholstery colours are available as standard to blend the Ultimate with your home decor. Other upholstery colours are available on request as optional extras. Special rail colours can also be ordered.

Where to find us

The Ultimate curved stairlift is available in New South Wales directly from Ideal Stairlifts. Our exclusive distributor in Queensland in Everyday Access and in Tasmania our stairlifts are available from Mobility 4 All. For other areas please contact us directly.

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