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Frequently Asked Questions

Many people wonder if a stairlift is suitable for their home, or if it is affordable, or will create a lot of upheaval or damage.

We, at Ideal Stairlifts, are confident that we we can find a solution for almost every situation. The following Questions and Answers may help you to understand how a stairlift can help, and that it’s not at all difficult to get one installed.

Of course, if you need more information, or would like us to have a look at your individual situation, then just Contact Us and we will take care of the rest.

Q. Will a stairlift take up much room on the stairs – other people need to use them?
No – Our lifts are designed to fold away neatly. The stairlift track is slim and fits close to the wall allowing maximum room on your stairs.

Q. Will the stairlift be fixed to the wall?
No – all our stairlifts fix directly to the stair treads.

Q. Is the stairlift noisy?
No, your stairlift will be quieter than most of the other appliances in your home such as a dishwasher or washing machine.

Q. How long does it take to install?
Most stairlifts are installed in only a matter of hours

Q. I have a door at the bottom of the stairs, can I still have a stairlift?
Yes, we can offer a powered folding rail, or fit The Curve stairlift on the other side of the stairs

Q. Is it expensive to run a stairlift, will my electricity bills go up?
You will probably not notice any difference to your electricity bill. It will cost only a few cents per day to run.

Q. Can my stairlift go faster?
Unfortunately not. Your stairlift runs at the maximum speed that the safety standards will allow

Q. How is it possible for two of us to use the stairlift?
Your stairlift is supplied with 2 remote controls fitted at both ends of the stairs, so you can always call the lift to you … or send it back again.

Q. Can I have it in different colours?
Some of our products have colour options for the seat. It depends which model you choose. Ask your surveyor for more information.

Q. My stairs are very narrow. Will a stairlift fit?
We have a solution for most stairs. Our stairlifts are designed to fit into the tightest stairways. Usually staircases in Australia have plenty of space.
Ideal have a range of seats that can help where space is tight. A visit from one of our experienced and friendly surveyors will confirm this.

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