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Happylegs can help improve your health and all from the comfort of your chair

Happylegs helps you to improve circulation and given gentle leg exercise while sat down.

Many people find that a decline or loss of mobility causes difficult with blood circulation. Happylegs simulates walking while sat in a chair.

The operation of Happylegs is completely vibration free, and being motorised requires no user effort. It can be used by people who simply have to spend a lot of time sitting right through to people who are completely immobile.

Users of Happylegs have noticed improved circulation, reduced swelling in the feet and ankles, an improvement in skin condition as well as a general feeling of improved well being.

Supported by clinical evidence, the positive effects of Happylegs are endorsed by cardiologists, nurses and doctors alike.

There are no known restrictions on use. Happylegs can be used for as little or as much as desired. Simple remote control is provided to switch the machine on and off, and there are 3 speeds depending on user preference.

Dr Sanchez of the Fundsalud Health Foundation in Spain concluded: 

”… we can conclude that regular use of passive systems for mobilising the lower extremities, and in particular the Happylegs system, generate an improvement in different variables in the people using them, with no side-effects of any kind or risk in use …”

Happylegs is available across Australia for only $599.00 (incl GST and delivery)

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